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  • 03:49 Andriëtte Norman - Vat My Hoër (AMPTELIKE MUSIEK VIDEO)

    Andriëtte Norman - Vat My Hoër (AMPTELIKE MUSIEK VIDEO)

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    Andriëtte bereik nuwe hoogtes met haar nuutste album Vat My Hoër! Naaswenner van Idols in 2007, se derde album is kraakvars op die rak. Dis 'n volwasse konte...

  • 03:51 Andriette - Wat Rym Met Liefde?  (2013)

    Andriette - Wat Rym Met Liefde? (2013)

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    'n Liriek video van Andriette Norman se nuwe enkelsnit, vanaf haar opkomende 2013 album " wat rym met liefde?". Die album is 'n nuwe rigting vir Andriette, m...

  • 03:34 Andriette Norman - Napoleon - [Official Music Video]

    Andriette Norman - Napoleon - [Official Music Video]

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    Written, Produced, Shot, Edited and Finished by Donovan Fourie. Andriette Norman is as talented as she is beautiful. This haunting song called for a truly be...

  • 03:30 Andriëtte Met Ander Woorde

    Andriëtte Met Ander Woorde

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    Director: Kyle Lewis DOP: Antonie Stemmet Producer: Ali Wacher Hair, Make-up&Styling: Kaley Meyer Editor: Cathy Michel.

  • Dinge


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    Andriette - Dinge - Music VideoDirector: Gerhard van RooyenCompany: Spheratical ProductionsRecord Label: Sony Music2011

  • Is dit jy?

    Is dit jy?

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  • Jy Vat My Hoër

    Jy Vat My Hoër

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    Andriette's first music video of her new album "Jy Vat My Hoër"

  • Andriette - Dink Aan My

    Andriette - Dink Aan My

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    Dink Aan My - Music Video, Director: Gerhard van Rooyen, Company: Spheratical Productions, Record Label: Sony Music, 2009

  • Storm in my hart

    Storm in my hart

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    The latest video from South African artist Andriette


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