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Gerhard Steyn

  • 02:03 Marnes Steyn Singing 'soos Bloed' Live At Cafe Hugo

    Marnes Steyn Singing 'soos Bloed' Live At Cafe Hugo

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  • 04:24 Arno Jordaan,morne Steyn,francois Hougaard St Francis Ski 2012 Iphone.m4v

    Arno Jordaan,morne Steyn,francois Hougaard St Francis Ski 2012 Iphone.m4v

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    arno jordaan afrikaans singer,morne steyn,francois hougaard springbok en bulls rugby players having a good time in stfrancis bay with surfboard behind boat, big wipeouts

  • 05:09 Ampie - Plain Jane

    Ampie - Plain Jane

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    Ampie - Plain Jane Director: Gerhard van Rooyen, Company: Spheratical Productions, Record Label: Hit Factory Records 2014

  • 07:14 MoniQue -  Sê My Hoe (Official Music Video)

    MoniQue - Sê My Hoe (Official Music Video)

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    MoniQue - 'Sê My Hoe' vanaf haar 'Ek val vir jou' album.

  • 05:34 Organ Celebrities-9.Gerhard Gregor. Mpg

    Organ Celebrities-9.Gerhard Gregor. Mpg

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    To find a theatre pipe organ still owned and used by a Radio Station is both rare and unusual....but here's one with a quite distinctive sound, presided over by long time resident organist (the late) Gerhard Gregor.



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    This is just a quick unrehearsed promo clip to illustrate the musical flair of Steyn Fourie to a crowd which was going to attend a performance -- it is not a professional recording and it was recorded outdoors while on tour, so please keep this in mind wh

  • 03:04 Zak Steyn Money Talks

    Zak Steyn Money Talks

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    Zak Steyn performing the Neil Diamond hit "Money Talks" at the Audiosure Dealer Evening in Bloemfontein June 4 2013.

  • 04:26 Steyn Fourie -

    Steyn Fourie -

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    "Dink ek aan Hom" Composed by Steyn Fourie. Lyrics by Lurina Fourie. Recorded Live at Lemonjack Studios, Centurion, Pretoria. Producer and Arranger: Steyn Fourie Mixing and Mastering: Larry Pullen Guitars: Ryan Kevin Schnettler, Michael Naranjo, Danny Smo

  • 02:42 A Tribute To White South Africans - I Will Always Be - Gerhard Steyn

    A Tribute To White South Africans - I Will Always Be - Gerhard Steyn

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  • 04:17 CheckPoint: Sal Afrikaans Bly?

    CheckPoint: Sal Afrikaans Bly?

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    03 March 2016 - The number of people choosing to do their degrees in Afrikaans has dwindled fast in the past two decades, but despite low demand, there are such emotional ties to what was seen as the language of the oppressor that it too has become a burn

  • 00:38 SuperSokkie By Carnival City

    SuperSokkie By Carnival City

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    Oujaarsaand 31 December in Carnival City se Big Top Arena, dis SuperSokkie tyd! Ja, dis wat jy kry as jy al die stoele uit die Big Top Arena uithaal en die word omskep in die grootste sokkiedansvloer in Suid Afrika, net vir een aand! Gooi in van die groot

  • 03:26 Anton Myburgh - Dream Masjien

    Anton Myburgh - Dream Masjien

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    ''Hot babe" met awesome Bikes en karre