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Ricus Nel

  • 02:51 Hete Harrie & De Vrolijke Trekkers - Lieve Nel

    Hete Harrie & De Vrolijke Trekkers - Lieve Nel

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    Van het album "Als Ie Gaat Jeuken en andere sexsellers"

  • 03:49 Liza Bronner - Waar Jou Soene Hoort

    Liza Bronner - Waar Jou Soene Hoort

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    Te koop by https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/afrikaans-se-nuwe-liefling/id698919601 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liza-Bronner/48061624700?fref=ts Liza Bronner se splinternuwe vrystelling belowe om gehore te bekoor. My lippe is waar jou soene ho

  • 00:15 #LondonGoesSA Teaser 1

    #LondonGoesSA Teaser 1

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    Quick teaser about London Goes SA - 1 & 2 August 2014 - Hammersmith Apollo - Theuns Jordaan - Juanita du Plessis - Bok van Blerk - Riana Nel - Do not miss this event! www.eventimapollo.com

  • 04:49 Kruis


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    Kruis - Reana Nel

  • 01:02 Hippo On The Runway!

    Hippo On The Runway!

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    Landing on the Siwandu Runway in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is always a busy affair with impala, giraffe, waterbuck, baboons and monkeys pitching up as spectators, but this morning the hippo was a bit slow getting to the arrivals lounge while cro

  • 00:58 Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve (New Reception)

    Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve (New Reception)

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    Driving on the pathway to our new reception.

  • 00:26 Battle Of Siwandu (Spiderwasp Vs BaboonSpider & Skink)

    Battle Of Siwandu (Spiderwasp Vs BaboonSpider & Skink)

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    Walking to North Camp this morning I heard some scuffling next to the pathway and was surprised and very excited to find a spider wasp attacking a baboon spider. There was also a skink as a spectator and just as I started to film he made his move and went

  • 07:46 Johan Swiegers

    Johan Swiegers

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    An inspiration and loving father in law

  • 04:10 Mariska - Wys My Jou Hart (NIANELL)   .mpg

    Mariska - Wys My Jou Hart (NIANELL) .mpg

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  • 03:39 Hou My Vas

    Hou My Vas

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    Artist: Andre G Nel, Song: Hou my vas, Director/Designer: Dee Lourens, DOP: Shaun Smith

  • 00:34 Atlantis Quad Biking

    Atlantis Quad Biking

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    Cobus Nel, Greg Finlayson and Arnold Aggenbach enjoying the day at the atlantis dunes in Cape Town South Africa.

  • 02:33 Il Regno Di Sandomongaar

    Il Regno Di Sandomongaar

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    ma se il destino rovescia il suo gioco, nascerà nel mattino una freccia di fuoco la libertà...