Cover by Alden Lariviere - Dagdrome in Suburbia (Francois van Coke ft. Spoegwolf)

Dagdrome in Suburbia - This is an amazing song originally performed by two South African artists Francois van Coke and Spoegwolf.
Link to original song on YouTube -
Link to original song on Spotify -

Special thanks to:

Francois van Coke and Spoegwolf - For this awesome song!!!
Heinrich Coetzee - For the idea of making a video like this, vocal coaching and a good friendship.
Wiandre Marx - Videography and imagery.
Eddie Dippenaar - For editing the video.
Steven Voges - Moral support and ideas for how the video could be decorated.
Eduan Slabbert - The best brother ever who always includes me in everything you do and who got me into singing.
Elizca Grobler - The best sister/gaffer ever who is always there for when I need you.
My Mom Annelize Lariviere - For always believing in me and supports me wherever I go and what I do.
My Dad Branden Laroviere - For always being able to transport me and my equipment wherever I need to be and also supporting my dream.
My girlfriend Eunice Campher - For always being with me no matter where I go, what I do and supporting me even though I can't always be there for you as you are always there for me.
My Heavenly Father - For granting me this gift and also every opportunity that has been put on my path.

Good luck with the boxing match today Francois van Coke. I am sorry for posting this video a bit late, i ran into a few technical problems before uploading the video, but I hope you guys enjoy the cover.

Be safe during Covid everyone. We will get through this.

See you guys in the next one.
Francois van Coke
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