Become millionaire buy buying Gala and the node at the same time


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Gala is a coin. The price right now is below 3 cent. Anybody can buy it for what ever you have. You can buy it on several exchanger such as Uniswap, Polyient Dex, Bitrue etc, but I only use Bitrue for now to buy my Gala using any bitcoin wallet that you have to send it to my Bitrue Bitcoin wallet and then buy Gala with bitcoin. You can buy as many as you can afford. There is no need to buy the node Gala machine that produces Gala as most people can not afford to buy a license Node right.
I warn you just like I did for bitcoin years ago that ala one day, one year, sometimes in the near future will be $ 30.
How about that you buy as many right now so you can sell alter at a higher price.
How about you buy 1000 Gala, 10000 gala or even 1000000 Gala so you can seller later at a higher price to turn yourself into millionaire.
Beside buying the gala coin itself. There is a machine that produces Gala daily, 7 days a week, 30 days a month as long as you can have your machine run or your computer or vps for at least 6 hours during the 24 hours period. This machine is your forever. it produces gala daily for you that you can choose to hold or sell whenever you want.
Just imagine that machine can produce 200000 Galas for you within a year?? How about 5 years. can you tell me how many galas you would have? Just imagine the gala does not reach $ 30 or $ 10, but only $ 1. You will still be a millionaire.
Imagine that you have1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or more license Node that produce Gala daily and the license is yours ever.
The license node used to be below $ 1000, as it right now, you need a good $ 10000 to buy one. Later on, while you said it is expensive, the machine will be soon $ 30000 as the price increases for $ 100 for each 100 machine sold.
I have 5 machines myself and I am pushing it to 10.
It is for me better than any house that I could buy to rent. The house will surely bring a less passive income monthly compare to the gala node that can gives me all my money back in a year even if the gala price barely moves or never moves.
You can watch the video for details and join under my link if you can afford $ 10000 to make serious money
This is not your typical scam, Hyip, Ponzi or similar. This is serious business. A serious money machine that you can buy for only $ 10000 with an unlimited income potential. The sky is the limit.
You will enjoy making money. More videos are coming.
Francois van Coke
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