Koman ou ka fe anpil lajan avek Gala Node. Pou kisa achete Gala Node ka pi bon ke achete kay.

To join or buy a Gala Node license:

To join Petronpay:

To join Greegold:

To Join Gameas:
https: //gameas.org/bauvil2003

To join Novatechfx

The Gala Node is different from the Gala.
The Gala is simple a coin that you buy separately from the Gala.
The gala coin is at this time less than 0.03 cent. You can buy as many as you want on different exchangers such as Bitrue, uniswap and more
The Gala Node is a machie that produces gala daily. I can not guarantee you how many Galas your license node can produces to you daily or monthly; I can only tell you that I have collected 35000 galas on my first month. You can make the math to see how many I expect to collect in 1 year.
Just imagine that one license node can help me get me back my my mone within 1 year even if the price does not change.
The coin Gala can or may turn into any amoun in the undertemine futures. They expected it to reach $ 30 one day. Just imagine that you have only 1000000 of it; how about 100000 galas, or even 10000.
The ala machine is yours; you have it forever; the price increase $ 100 each time they sell 100 of them.They only produce 100 Nodea and they have already sold over half. By the time, they sell the other other half, the Node itself will be $33000 at least.
You can buy as many licenses that you want. Imagine that you have 10 or more. Imagine the gala prices reaches only $ 5 a day.

You can easily make yourself millionaire.

Join on the link above or below to start today:

Call me at 407-929-8006 if you need help.
Francois van Coke
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