Jonathan Peyper - Apologies

Guitar virtuoso Jonathan Peyper is taking the country by storm after the release of his power-trio debut album. Undoubtedly one of the greatest up-and-coming musicians and guitarists in the South African Rock and Blues community, Peyper has produced a groundbreaking album that educes a swarm of emotions. He has subsequently graced many stages of festivals and venues alike, winning over hearts as far as he goes. With the support of Chris van der Walt and Jason Hinch as one of the most exciting rhythm sections in the country (The Black Cat Bones, Stefan Dixon, Albert Frost), Jonathan Peyper has created nothing short of a well-rounded blues-rock masterpiece. Peyper has been active on the music scene with bands like Jan Blohm, Guns ‘n Roses and AC/DC Tributes and more…

Apologies is the first single from their debut album.

Video and Editing: Louise Pieterse
Brendan Peyper
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