Koos du Plessis - Herman

First the Afrikaans lyrics, followed by the English translation (my own attempt!)...

Herman, jou skepe le weer in die baai. Hulle kom van ou oorde waar ver winde waai...van Java en Malta, Beiroet en Bombaai. Maar waar jy vanaand is
kan ons maar net raai. Ons wou nog praat oor Leningrad, Khartoem en Zanzibar, toe laat jy vir my alleen agterbly met 'n droom en 'n gebreekte kitaar.

Herman, your ships lay in the bay again. They come from their outposts where foreign winds blow...Java and Malta, Beirut and Bombay. But where you are tonight, we can only guess. We still wanted to talk about Leningrad, Khartoum and Zanzibar, but then you left me behind on my own with a dream and a broken guitar.

Courtesy of The Orchard Music who owns the licence for the music.
Koos du Plessis
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