40 Jaar van Coke | Episode 1 (first 20 minutes)

How to watch the full 10 episodes: https://bit.ly/40jaarvancoke

The first episode of this conversation series will be available on 22nd February at 8pm. After that an episode will be released each week at 8pm until the last episode on 26 April. After episode 10 is released, the whole series will be available until 31st May 2021.

It will cost the viewer R50 per episode. Each episode is 60 – 80 minutes long. The series can be purchased from iTickets at R500 and is sold as a bundle only here: https://bit.ly/40jaarvancoke

The ticket holder will get a unique link, which they will have access to at any time, to watch the episodes which have been released.

With this all-access link, ticket holders will be able to watch ALL the episodes as much as they want from 26 April to 31st May.

40 Jaar Van Coke is a Francois van Coke conversation series.
In this series Francois van Coke divulges the most he has ever done about his life and career. In ten intimate and revealing conversations he tells Annie Klopper the kind of stories he only tells his close friends.

Francois reveals the true stories behind newspaper headlines such as “Wie het Van Coke opgef*k?” (who fucked up Van Coke?) and “Coke soen man” (Coke kisses man).

Find out why Francois never really wanted to sing and why “Sundays are the worst”. The alcohol, the drugs, Francois’ first time in jail, stories about the love of his life, his wife Lauren and how Die Antwoord paid for her engagement ring.

It’s Francois at his highest, Francois at his lowest – it’s all here… rare, raw, in-depth and uncensored.

Above all the sensation, it is the story of Francois’ success. It’s about how a preacher’s son from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town had a dream and how he achieved it. Get to know Francois better and how twenty years of hard work paid off.
Francois van Coke
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